Monday, September 5, 2011

Medical checkups: For 30 year olds

The importance of regular medical check ups is highlighted only when you suddenly encounter health problems you clearly can't predict.

Isn't it better to be safer than to be sorry later? Timely medical checkups could make all the difference between prevention and cure; especially when each decade comes with its own set of lifestyle ailments. To help you outline which tests such medical check ups involve, here is a list of medical checkups for 30 year olds.

Check ups for men and women at 30
Electrocardiogram - This test helps in establishing a baseline for your heart, making sure it is working fine and pumping blood in a fluid manner to all parts of the body. This test must be done once every 4 years, once you cross 30.

Rectal exam - This is a must-do exam for people who have crossed 30 in order to keep away from health conditions such as haemorrhoids, rectal injuries, or any cancer.

Tetanus - Your tetanus shot must be up to the mark once you have crossed 30.

Blood pressure - Blood pressure is something as common as cough and cold nowadays, blame it on the stressful lives we all lead.

Cholesterol - Check your cholesterol levels to determine whether you have a tendency to develop high cholesterol later in life. This will help you gauge how right or wrong your dietary intake is, as well.

Diabetes - A blood or a urine test will make sure whether you suffer from diabetes or not.

Eye tests - It is a must to go for an eye check up once every 2 years, after you cross 30.

Dentist - Dentists usually advise that a good dental checkup must be carried out once every 6 months.

Sexually transmitted disease check - This can be done once every 5 years if you have sexual relations with one partner. However if you have multiple sexual partners, then once every six months would be a good idea.

Checkups for women
Breast exam - Have your breasts examined when you visit the doctor for regular pap smear and pelvic exam tests.
Pelvic exam - It is a must-do exam once every 2 years after 30.
Mammogram - Even though mammograms are usually advised post 40, getting one when you crosss 30 will help establish a baseline for later mammograms.
Pap smear - It is an extremely important test for women, which helps in preventing cervical cancer from developing. It is a must do test once every 2 years.

Checkups for men
Testicle self-exam - Check for lumps and if you find any, then consult a doctor immediately.
Testosterone levels - It is always best to get the testosterone levels checked once you have crossed the 30s mark.
Prostate exam - Even though the prostate exam is advised to men who have crossed their 40s, getting on in your 30s helps in establishing a baseline for later comparison.


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  1. My dentist in Summerville SC told me to visit her once every 6 months too. If I need teeth cleaning or whitening, I immediately visit her as soon as possible.

  2. My mom told me to have a general check up when I hit the age of 25. That will be next month but I think I’ll just wait until I reach the age of 30.

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  3. Regular check-ups are very important to know where our health is at. Once a year, I always make sure to go to a doctor to know how my health is doing.

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  4. Annual general checkup is good at any age to prevent health problems as we get older. My mother is a dentist and she always tell her patients to have their teeth checked every 6 months to prevent emergency dental care.

  5. I never fail to have dental checkup annually because my uncle is a West Columbia dentist and I live near his clinic. As a woman I need a lot of different checkups like Mammogram and Breast Exam. I’m not yet 30 so I don’t need a Pap smear checkup yet.

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  7. Prevention is really better than cure. Not only with physical health matters but also with our dental health. No matter what age we are, it's important to keep a proper oral hygiene. I also visit my Buckhead dentist at least twice a year for check ups.

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