Monday, September 12, 2011

Food therapy to beat the blues :)

In a daze, feeling low, lost in your own world? Don't know what's happening with you? Perhaps you are mildly depressed.

Not to be mistaken with the serious form of depression, we all have our mood swings and bad days. Sometimes we just do not know why we are suddenly feeling restless/irritated or disinterested. Here are ways to brighten up your mood.

Eat chocolate: Even research and studies have proved this. You can get over your depressed state with a bar of chocolate

Food therapy: The way to a man's heart is through is stomach. Now, now this is true for women too. We all love to dine outside so we can choose from a huge platter of multi cuisine options. Don't we all feel good after a hearty meal? The next time you are depressed order your favourite pizza or have the tangy pani puris that you love. You will definitely feel the difference in your mood.

Shopping: Yes, women swear by them. This is one of those things that can be a pleasurable experience no matter what your mood. Shopping is sure to lift your spirits and take the burden off you.

Hydro therapy: Nothing like standing under the shower, you will notice how water therapy can soothe you. Give it a try once and you wish you could bathe forever.

Music: Ever wondered why we never get bored of hearing some songs? Yes, that's our favourite number. But why? Music can have a therapeutic effect on your mind.

Movie spree: Every movie leave an impression- some pleasant and others unpleasant. Remember watching those movies that made you laugh your heart out? Now is the time to watch them again just to make you feel good.

Phone a friend: It always feel light after you share your feelings with someone. So just pick up the phone, dial your reliable best friend's number and talk. You will feel better.

Still can't figure out what to do? Get up, take a deep breath and bring that smile back on your face for the day has only just begun and everyone has a right to happy life. Isn't it?


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