Friday, July 1, 2011

Home remedies for grey hair

There are home remedies that help check greying of hair. However, in some cases the greying of hair may be due to an underlying health issue. Hence, it is sagacious to rule out any medical reasons for grey hair before resorting to home remedies.

Castor oil
It is widely believed that gently massaging the scalp with warm castor oil stops the greying process. Let the oil soak into your scalp overnight.

Powdered sandalwood and coffee
Prepare this oil. Take a litre of castor oil and approximately an ounce each of grounded coffee and sandalwood in a vessel. Heat for 15-20 minutes. Let it cool. Strain and store in an airtight bottle. Use this oil to massage your scalp and let it stay overnight. Regular use of this oil is said to improve the colour of your hair and even reverse the greying process.

Herbal hair pack
Some believe the following herbal hair pack if used weekly prevents grey hair or reverses the process of grey hair. To prepare the pack, take a tablespoon of henna, amla and tea leaves powder and put it in a vessel. Add a cup of hot water to the powders. Mix well. Stir into the mixture a pinch of salt and one small lime juice. Let it set for 4-5 hours. Now the pack is ready for application. Apply and let it stay for 2 hours. Wash off with plain water. Do not use soap or shampoo immediately. Using this pack regularly once in seven days is said to check and prevent grey hair.

Sage infusion
There are some who claim that a strong infusion of sage leaves works wonders for grey hair. Take 4-5 tablespoons of sage leaf infusion and add to it one cup of strong tea water. Use this water on your hair daily, letting it seep well into the hair roots. After a few days, you will notice a satisfactory change in the colour of your hair. From then on, use it once a week.

Charakacharya described indigo as kesharanjak and kehavardhak. Indigo is a hair growth stimulant, soothing to the skin, heals wounds. It is described as a bactericidal and antitoxin. Its natural properties help maintain the natural dark colour of hair. To avail of these natural benefits for greying hair, use the powder of natural indigo leaf in equal quantity with henna powder. Make a paste and apply on hair for two hours or so. Wash off with plain water.


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