Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cheat guide for those on diet!

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The experts agree that it’s important to go easy on your diet plan about once a week. Nutritionists say that those who allow themselves that ‘weekly treat’ are less likely to go on a bingeing spree. That’s because your cravings are satisfied. Also, being on a diet for several months may put your body in ‘starvation mode’. So increasing your calorie intake and biting into foods that you’ve been restricting for long can speed up your metabolism and make you look leaner. While cheating has its own benefits, do remember that the key lies in moderation.

Here's how you cheat smart:
- Pick a weekday: You are less likely to go overboard when you’re busy at work. And as opposed to cheating the entire day, pick one meal when you allow yourself a treat.
- Exercise discretion: Whatever you choose to gorge on, make sure you feel like you’ve given yourself something special, as those feel-good bites will go a long way in keeping you on track throughout the week.
- No back-to-back: You are not allowed to pick two cheat meals together, even if you promise not to cheat for the next two weeks. Its impact lies in the psychological satisfaction of cravings. Therefore, this method, no matter how valid you may think it is, just won’t work.
- Go public: Call off that illicit affair between you and crispy French fries. When you cheat in public, you cheat in moderation.
- Eat before you cheat: If you cheat on an empty stomach, you’ll stuff yourself silly. Instead, eat food that’s high on fibre just before you give yourself that weekly treat.
- Don’t stock up: Don’t fall for those ‘Buy one, get one free’ offers. When you cheat, buy single servings.
- Do your math: A single super-high calorie binge, loaded with fat and sugar will easily set you back by several days.
Instead follow our cheat guide that will bring you your favourite meal with just a slight change!

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