Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are you Stressed? (Quiz & Tips)


Take this quick 5 min quiz to see how stressed you are:

If you do fall under the 'Stressed Out' category, here are some simple tips for managing stress:
- Accept only your own responsibility in situations.
- Set realistic expectations for yourself.
- Focus on the process rather than the results.
- Focus on successes rather than on failures.
- Develop your own personal definition of success, instead of society's.
- Be realistic about time expectations and perspectives.
- Remember, life does have troublesome problems. This is normal.
- Recognize that you will be criticized more than praised by parents, partners, and supervisors.
- Create variety: do old things in new ways.
- Make your work/study area more stimulating: redecorate, add music, change colors.
- Leave the office/campus for lunch and errands, if possible.
- Learn to be detached from problems.
- Do paperwork immediately. Don't procrastinate.
- Ask others for positive feedback.
- Develop a hobby and spend time on it regularly.
- Learn and practice sound money management.
- Don't bring work home with you.
- Decrease television time.
- Keep physically fit — good diet and adequate exercise.
- Avoid excessive use of alcohol and drugs.
- Spend time in active family activities.

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