Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are you over-exercising?

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If fatigue and low energy levels are your constant companions during gym workouts, then fitness experts have a word of caution for you.

Come on! Admit it that there have been times when you’ve gone beyond the ‘I just want to tone up’ regime in the gym. Incidentally, the number of people who push the limit or ‘over-exercise’ are in scores.

Point to note
Every individual’s body reacts differently to a gym routine. While some start to show results almost instantly, others take time to shape up. But once the body hits a plateau and nothing seems to work or show results, understand that it’s time for patience to play a strong role.

Dissatisfaction in not being able to lose inches on the waistline or six packs not developing, is common. At that moment, instead of hastening the process by spending extra hours working out in the gym and over training, try to understand (with the help of a trainer) how changes in your lifestyle can help usher a positive change.

Signs to watch out
- Fighting fatigue: Tiredness is the first warning sign an individual’s body gives out when it needs to stop. Most people complain of being tired after a cardio or weights session. Low immunity, difficulty in concentrating, nagging aches and pains that persist are all symptoms of over training.

- Feeling anxious: As your body comes under higher stress levels, the brain may show resistance in following the regime. In simpler terms, it means that over training can deplete your glycogen quantities, which are needed to keep the brain functioning.

- Persistent colds : Low immunity may present itself as flu.

Tip to avoid over exercising
Most gyms keep a record of your measurements and progress levels. It’s a good idea to plan ahead, may be a month or year ahead with a training diary.

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