Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to make your friends fat

Source: http://discovermagazine.com/photos/29-how-to-make-your-friends-fat/?searchterm=friends%20fat

A tongue-in-cheek article on how to make your friends fat (rather a sarcastic note on what not to do!) Makes for an immensely entertaining yet informative read, here’s the summary of some of the key ones

1. Be fat yourself: We pick up habits from our friends and those habits extend to eating as well.

Decode: Be fit yourself

2. Be thin and eat around a lot around your friends: A study found out that women unconsciously adjust how much they snack based on whether the person next to them is thin or fat.

Decode: Be conscious of what you eat, do not let people around you influence the amount you snack

3. Serve oversized portions: It’s been proven that people unknowingly eat more food if the portions are over sized.

Decode: Serve small portions

4. Get them into the gross food movement: If you want your friends peer-pressured into fattening up, send them to Bacon camp – as Bacon leads the gross food movement.

Decode: Stay away from greasy and fattening foods like bacon, peanut butter, etc.

5. Get them a TV: Studies suggest that a distraction like TV can also make you miss signals from your body to stop eating

Decode: Do not eat in front of the television

6. Stress them out: The body’s natural reaction to stress is to produce a hormone called Cortisol, produced in the adrenal glands. A later study also showed that a flush of Cortisol made us want to eat more and to crave sugary and fatty foods!

Decode: Destress yourself

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