Friday, May 28, 2010

Women best suited to play 'Chief Medical Officer' role at home


Most popular statistics around the world may prove that women make most of the health care decisions in the home. Here's a straight forward article by Dr. Mehmet Oz, vice chairman and professor of surgery at Columbia University, a best-selling author and the host of a TV talk show 'The Dr. Oz Show'. His experience at his heart-surgery practice has been that the most meaningful conversations about cases are with wives, daughters, mothers and sisters — even if it's the husbands, sons, fathers or brothers who are the patients!

Women seem to know instinctively what to do when health is on the line, and more importantly, they can use this innate ability to teach their family healthy habits. This handy article lists ways to put that to work:
1. Practice — and teach — good health habits through role-playing and games.
2. Be a good role model.
3. Healthy eating depends on making it easy for everyone to do the right thing.
4. Whenever possible, plan your family's health care in advance.
5. Post the family health laws as conspicuously as possible.

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